06 23 2021

Phase two of the ÁLIA residential property begins

ASTERUS is about to start phase two of the ÁLIA residential property’s construction, making further progress in the large-scale comprehensive development of a 71-hectare area in Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo.

Earthworks are currently in progress on-site, such as: the installation of enclosing structures, the construction of the support wall, vegetation cutting and site leveling (including vertical layout), the creation of access paths for construction equipment, pit digging for building foundations and the underground parking space, and trench digging for the future installation of engineering structures and various internal underground utilities.

The project will involve the creation of both business and residential facilities, along with social and sports infrastructure, green areas, and urban landscaping along the Moskva River embankment. The local social infrastructure will include: two kindergartens (for 300 and 350 students respectively), two schools (for 825 and 1,100 students respectively), and a general outpatient clinic (for 250 visits per shift).

At present, work is underway on phase one of the residential property and one of the kindergarten buildings; in addition, permits have already been obtained for commissioning phase one of business park, Russia’s largest A class park, along with the Chkalov Arena multifunctional sports complex.

ÁLIA residential property developer: SPECIALIZED DEVELOPER “RESIDENCE” LLC. Construction permit issued on June 9, 2018. Project developer: ASTERUS.