10 13 2021

MESA becomes the general contractor for phase two residential blocks in ÁLIA

Based on a previous tender, the Turkish MESA was chosen as the general contractor for phase two blocks (blocks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11) of the ÁLIA residential estate.

Founded in Ankara in 1969, MESA is one of the leaders of the Turkish construction industry. Aside from building major residential complexes with integrated infrastructure and technical and social features in different countries worldwide, MESA also creates shopping malls, business centers, schools and hospitals, tourist and sports facilities, city parks, health and cultural centers, office buildings, and industrial sites. In addition, the company produces its own formwork at an in-house facility and is one of the largest formwork suppliers in the world.

As of today, MESA has built and populated more than 114,000 residential buildings, covering a total area of 12,000,000 square meters, in Turkey, Russia, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Libya, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. It currently has 210,000 sq. meters’ worth of active construction sites in Russia, Poland, Libya, and Uzbekistan.

MESA has been in the Russian market since 1991 and presently has five active projects in the country, as well as in other CIS member nations. The second phase of the ÁLIA residential estate is one such project.

ÁLIA is part of a large-scale initiative to comprehensively transform the former Tushino airfield. This project spans a 71-hectare territory and includes both business and residential facilities, along with social and sports infrastructure, green areas, and urban landscaping along the Moskva River embankment. The local social infrastructure will include: two kindergartens (for 300 and 350 students respectively), two schools (for 825 and 1,100 students respectively), and a general outpatient clinic (for 250 visits per shift).

As many as four blocks from phase one of the ÁLIA residential estate have already been completed under ASTERUS management; meanwhile, the first kindergarten building is under construction, and the buildings of business park, Russia’s largest A Class business park, along with the Chkalov Arena multifunctional sports complex, have been put into operation. The general contractor got started on ÁLIA’s second phase in June 2021.

Developer: SPECIALIZED DEVELOPER “RESIDENCE” LLC. Construction permit issued on June 9, 2018. Project developer: ASTERUS.